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Treating each woman with the respect and compassion she deserves during this vulnerable time in her life creates the kind of society I wish to live in.

~ Tonya Floria

My wish for every pregnant woman is that her care leaves her feeling strong, respected, and empowered.   

~ Kyla Wheeler

There are so many things I love about being a midwife, but one of my favorite parts is getting to see the joy on new parents' faces when they meet their baby for the first time. It's such a beautiful, magical moment and I feel so honored to get to witness it.

~ Kyla Wheeler

I work closely with my fabulous, skilled team of midwives to provide family-centered care by helping to ensure optimal health for a mother and her child, encouraging a trust in the process of birth and helping to ease this joyful transition for families.

~ Heike Hornsby

I believe that as women, as families, we have a right to the quantity and quality of information that enables sovereignty for each of us. In any setting, this is what we deserve. This is the standard of care we are committed to providing for each and every one of the families in our care. More than a medical event, we facilitate the opportunity to experience birth as what it is: a life-changing event worthy of whole presence and participation – body, mind, heart and soul.

~ Valerie Sasson

I am always learning from this work that I love and the people I meet in it, and always I am humbled by the power that women possess and the wisdom in the eyes of the newborns.


~ Ali Tromblay

Birth is a natural process of the mind, body, and spirit—a physical event our bodies are well designed for, but also an emotional, psychological, spiritual, cultural, even political event. Midwifery holds all of these aspects together, offering women information, support, and guidance while honoring that ultimately, the decisions rest in her hands. I view birth as a normal process that usually needs lots of support and very little intervention. Ideally, every family having a baby would have a network of support providing them access to appropriate options available to them.

~ Tracy Cooper

Midwifery is not something I do, it is something I am, what is within me. When I am with a woman, whatever is needed is what I give, it just comes out. 


~ Heike Hornsby

Birth is a natural process of the mind, body, and spirit—a physical event our bodies are well designed for, but also an emotional, psychological, spiritual, cultural, even political event. Midwifery holds all of these aspects together, offering women information, support, and guidance while honoring that ultimately, the decisions rest in her hands. I view birth as a normal process that usually needs lots of support and very little intervention. Ideally, every family having a baby would have a network of support providing them access to appropriate options available to them.

~ Tracy Cooper

My wish for every pregnant woman is that she expect the very best for herself and her family and that we exceed her expectations. 

~ Valerie Sasson

Birth is always an adventure, each one is different, and I learn something new from each family and each experience... midwifery definitely never gets boring! Now that I have two children, both recently born at the birth center with midwives, I feel even more deeply the importance of what we offer families. In a word, time. This world moves so fast these days, I treasure the time, stillness and connection with people that my work as a midwife offers to me and to the families I serve.

~ Ali Tromblay

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As I write this note to you, with my beautiful 5-month-old boy staring up at me, I am so grateful for my family's experience when he came into the world. My labor was quick (very quick!) and I delivered him only minutes after arriving at the birth center. Every part of the experience - from the relaxed, helpful prenatal visits, to the positive, happy birth environment - was perfect. 


The part that I think about most often, and am most thankful for, are the minutes, hours and days immediately following birth. It's amazing to me how quickly my baby and I were calm and happy, after a quick and stressful birth. My husband and I enjoyed those first few hours with our new little guy and our delightful midwife team. Then, the greatest gift, we went home! We slept in our own bed and woke up a few hours later to introduce our new baby to his big brother, in his own room! We had breakfast together on our own couch and generally enjoyed life together. Our midwives came the next day to check on us and it was like reconnecting with good friends. 


We could not be happier with our experience at PSBC. Thank you!

~ Amy, Paul, Kaleo, and Kai

On a beautiful, sun-filled morning, with the help of an amazing birth team, our third child, Mylo Maxwell was born. This was the second time we had chosen to have midwives at PSBC as our care providers and I am so glad we did. They were so very knowledgeable and kind during my pregnancy with Mylo and it was so nice to have someone genuinely listen and help me process all the weird things going on with my body! All the midwives respected my choices about mine and baby’s care during pregnancy and after birth and were quick to give me information and resources when asked. 


I was so lucky to have the same midwife attend both my son’s births and could not have wished for better care. She and the student midwife just held the space and stepped in briefly when needed to take vitals and such and then help guide my baby out. After his birth and our bonding time (which was not rushed at all) 

~ Angela, Jonathan, and Baby Mylo

Our experience at the Puget Sound Birth Center was just simply amazing. From our very first appointment at 22 weeks, we were immediately convinced that this was where we were meant to have our baby.  Our midwives' knowledge, comforting personalities, and ease make you feel so comfortable asking any and every question. That was just what my husband and I needed.

Your midwives and students continued to overexceed our expectations.  No question ever got left unanswered and we were always informed of decisions to make with plenty of time to feel comfortable picking the choice that felt right for us.  

I'm not sure we can even put into words how amazing our birth was.  We went in to the birth center during active labor on the evening of Jan 28th and labored through the night until 3:32am on January 29th when our son Luke was born via water (just what we hoped for). The midwife and students were such an incredible team (along with my hubbie!) There were moments throughout my labor where each one of them said the right thing at the exact right moment. Their words just clicked with me at the right moment and helped me through many very painful contractions and pushes. At the same time I felt completely comfortable letting my body take the time it needed to have a natural child birth. Their patience and bedside manner allowed for the most beautiful memory of our son's birth. We cannot thank all of the front desk staff, midwives, and student assistants at Puget Sound Birth Center enough for this incredible and unforgettable experience. It was truly perfect. You are all amazing!

~ Dawn, Eric, and Baby Luke

My experience at the Puget Sound Birth Center was amazing and everything I hoped it would be. My first two children I had at the hospital where my mom was an OB nurse, but I decided I wanted a different experience with my third. I had an epidural with my second child and greatly regretted it. I felt so out-of-touch with my body and the labor process. When I found out I was pregnant with my third, I decided to have my baby at PSBC.  Even so towards the end of my pregnancy, I was terrified about having gone "cold turkey" on the pain thing. The midwives were so comforting and supportive in my fear - always suggesting on what I could do to prepare for an unmedicated birth, from essential oils to what books to read. 

Having a water birth was the best thing ever. I loved laboring in the tub with my first two children so I knew that being in water would be so soothing during labor and could only imagine how soothing it would be while pushing. It truly was such a calming and incredible experience!!! Thank you so much to my midwives who motivated me and helped me through this process. It truly was incredible.  If we decide to have more children, I will definitely be coming back!!!

~ Maria

Our trust in your practice was felt the first day we set foot in the door with our first pregnancy. We are appreciative of  your providers’ wisdom, support and encouragement. We're back for our second and are excited to continue this journey with you.  Although we felt extraordinarily special to you, we have no doubt you make all your clients feel this way. We want you all to know that you are truly amazing at what you do. Midwife, friend, ally… Too bad we can’t keep having babies!!! 

~ Bliss and Baby Isaiah

The midwives at PSBC were completely invaluable to the healthy births of my two sons. During the prenatal visits, they made my husband and I feel like we were apart of their family. They made us feel so relaxed, confident and completely at ease with every bit of each pregnancy. When both birth days came, the midwives helped me be as in control of my birth as I wanted to be, they were there to support and cheer me on when I needed it, but monitored me and baby's health very closely to ensure a beautiful birth.  The midwives ultimately provided two perfect and amazing unforgettable birth experiences that my husband and I will forever treasure.

~ Erika

I am incredibly grateful for the high quality, respectful care I received by the midwives at PSBC. I appreciated the individualized approach based upon open communication and mutual respect. Being involved in the decision making process and an active participant in my care helped to build my confidence going into childbirth and motherhood. My daughter was born safely in a supportive and compassionate environment, which helped me to trust my body and ability to care for my baby as a new mother. 

~ Janna

Birthing a child is one of the most empowering, incredible experiences of my life, being surrounded by kindhearted, loving women through the entire process is a gift the PSBC gave me, twice. My partner and I were able to go through the laboring process feeling fully supported and respected, allowing us to move and labor in ways that my body needed to. Both of our daughters where brought into the world in the kind of space and environment we desired. We absolutely feel like PSBC is a part of our extended family and are extremely grateful for the friendships that come from it.

~ Des

My birth experiences began the foundation on which I have built my ability to be a mother. I use the seeds of confidence in my own abilities that were sown growing and delivering my babies to help me understand how to meet their many needs now, enduring the sometimes intense pains and many joys that come with the job. I credit my experience with Puget Sound Birth Center with setting my feet on that path. Their dedication to my family is a gift that continues to empower me.

~ Mary

The Midwives here are the most heartfelt, warm, loving, care providers we have ever experienced. Their heartfelt dedication and warm, inviting demeanor, kept us feeling confident, safe and well taken care of throughout every aspect of our experience. They do an amazing job at making you feel like their best friend, while energizing your confidence in their expert care giving.  We owe our entire blessed experience solely to them.

~ Chanté and Erik

I truly cannot say enough about our experience of the women of Puget Sound Birth Center. We never felt rushed or pushed, but like we were welcomed guests. I wish I had this exact experience with all three of my deliveries. We have lived all over the country and experienced the full spectrum of options available to help deliver babies (minus a home birth) and this was by far our favorite. It was tremendous blessing to be able to deliver here. Thank you, thank you, thank you for serving me and my family like you did!

~ Joni

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