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A Proven Model...
Since its opening in 1996, the birth center has served over 2000 Puget Sound families.

PSMBC is the oldest freestanding birth center on the Eastside and the largest freestanding birth center in the Puget Sound area.

In 1996, Puget Sound Birth Center was also the first "cooperative model" birth center in the country.

Since its opening, the birth center has granted professional practice privileges to over 20 Licensed Midwives or Certified Nurse-Midwives throughout the Puget Sound area. Practitioners who meet the state regulated guidelines for privileges may offer the use of the facility to their clients as an alternative to hospital or home birth.

In addition to providing greater access to licensed midwives, PSMBC actively seeks and pursues opportunities to educate the public about their right to informed choice, evidenced based care and safe, gentle birth options.

To that end, we also support other organizations committed to the same goals through sponsorship and community outreach.

Education and Outreach...
In 1998, PSMBC was awarded a "Best of Show" award at the Northwest Women's Show attended by over 7,000 women.

PSMBC values its responsibility to the community and serves, alongside Evergreen and Overlake Hospitals, as a sponsor and featured presenter at educational consumer trade show such as the BABY EXPO and Puget Sound Baby and Children's Show.

In 2001, PSMBC jointly spearheaded the coordination of a community designedand driven educational outreach campaign designed to help women and families explore and make informed choices about childbirth. Together, with the national organization, Citizens for Midwifery, we raised $20,000. To underwrite the campaign through Public Television station, KCTS which aired the documentary, Born in the USA, in primetime.

Our Families...
An extension of the relationship built during pregnancy and birth, our ongoing relationship with the women and families we serve is exceedingly important to us.

To stay connected, we publish a quarterly newsletter and are working to maintain a dynamic, interactive website to keep birth center "alums" aware of the latest information regarding childbirth and parenting as well as our own activities as an organizationas their community birth center.

We have facilitated new moms groups, work hard provide resources to our families years after the birth of their babies and are cultivating a growing group of active volunteers.

Each fall, we look forward to our annual picnic attended by new and returning families.

Our Community...
Puget Sound Midwives and Birth Center is committed to serving as a community resource for all families regardless of where they deliver their babies.

We take our role in the community very seriously and have served many Puget Sound families through community service programs such as car seat safety trainings and clinics.

We have facilitated a parent education series offering classes on infant and child CPR, safety proofing the home, choosing a pediatrician and breastfeeding to name a few.

We have conducted outreach activities through sponsorship of the La Leche League Anniversary Walk, the King County Breastfeeding Coalitions Resource Guide and the KCTS BORN IN THE USA outreach campaign for informed choice in childbirth sponsored by local supporters of Citizens for Midwifery.

We have also worked with consumers and community activists who are creating a non-profit Family Center dedicated to providing new families the continuum of support unique to the midwives model of care offered through PSMBC.

PSMBC has received unprecedented recognition and exposure both locally and nationally...
In 1998, the Puget Sound Birth Center was honored by the Seattle Midwifery School and was awarded the first Fremont Birth Collective Award for "innovation and commitment to midwifery".

In its 25th Anniversary Issue, MOTHERING Magazine recognized PSMBC as one of the country's "25 Great Freestanding Birth Centers"

In 2000, the midwives of PSMBC were among the first and only Licensed Midwives in the country to be granted practice privileges in a hospital as part of the Swedish-Providence Hospital Privileged Midwives pilot program.

In 2001, PSMBC Midwife, Heike Doyle, was featured, along with two other maternity care providers in the country, in the PBS documentary, BORN IN THE USA.

Later that year, PSMBC midwives were featured in 2 separate, front-page weekend feature articles in the Eastside Journal.

In 2003, the Arts and Entertainment Channel interviewed PSMBC midwives for a prospective program about midwives.

Spring, 2004, Puget Sound Birth Center Midwives and clients were featured in the Discovery Health Channel program, Unconventional Births, highlighting the increasing number of families seeking safe, satisfying alternatives to hospital births.

Picture of a woman playing with a baby.

Picture of a baby resting on the fathers chest.

Birth Center Testimonial
"My experience here was excellent. The midwives were incredible and I couldn’t have done this without them. They gave me something priceless… the most meaningful gift that could be given which is the belief and strength to follow my heart on what I believed was right….the respect that only a woman can give another woman, and a friendship born out of their simple desire and commitment to help me in my time of need."

 –  Angela


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