Profile: Ali Tromblay LM, CPM

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The discovery of my life’s calling, amazingly enough, happened on a Mother’s Day.  In 1993 I was asked to video and photograph a friend’s home birth.  I eagerly said yes, as I was pre-med at the University of Washington and had never attended a birth before.  As time disappeared and the awe inspiring process of labor and birth unfolded, I found myself enraptured, at peace, and so grateful for the privilege to bear witness to such a miracle.  I felt at home in the atmosphere of birth, and as the first sounds of the newborn rang into the room I realized I had found my calling.  Many years have passed, and almost 800 births later I am still in awe of the birthing process, and thrilled that I get to offer the midwifery model of care which I believe in so deeply, to so many different kinds of people.  What makes our care different, in a word, is timing.  My goal when I sit with people in a prenatal visit or during their birth is to pay the kind of attention to the moment that allows time to stand still, allowing for a sense of timing.  In that right timing, everything is possible.  Questions find answers, connections get made, babies discover how to nurse.  It’s all in the timing.

I am always learning from this work that I love and the people I meet in it, and always I am humbled by the power that women possess and the wisdom in the eyes of the newborns.

I have a similar awe in my garden when new seeds poke their noses through the earth.  Gardening in the sanctuary that is the land we live on, brings me great joy and balance. As well as “catching babies”, tending to growing families, and being one of the owners of Puget Sound Birth Center, I am on faculty at Bastyr University Department of Midwifery and I sit on the Department of Health Midwifery Advisory Committee. It is really only because of my incredibly supportive and lovely wife that I can do all of this, as well as tending to our two beautifully passionate boys and the myriad of four legged and winged creatures we share our home with.  My other passions include growing food, baking (I’ve finally mastered the gluten free pie crust!), sewing, singing, being outside, and listening to the birds, all of which are exponentially better of course when shared with my family!

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