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After the birth of your baby at Puget Sound Birth Center...

Continuity is the cornerstone of the midwives model of care. Postpartum care begins immediately. Moms, families and babies are never separated. Exams are done with mom and baby right next to each other and with everything being explained as we go. Early breastfeeding is encouraged and supported.

Before leaving the Birth Center, parents are taught what to expect in the next days and weeks and how to monitor their baby's health. While the length of time a family remains in the birth center after the birth of the baby varies from family to family, the typical length of stay is 4 hours. Most are eager to return home and settle in with their new baby.

Once you are home with your baby...

The Midwives at Puget Sound Birth Center understand that the postpartum time can be the most challenging time of all.

Unlike typical postpartum heath care schedules, the midwifery model of care recognizes the needs of the new family in the first few days and weeks at home. We will visit you in your home within the first 24–48 hours and a clinic visit occurs with mom and baby at 1 week and 3 weeks to ensure successful breastfeeding, and a healthy start together as mother and child.

A 6-week postpartum visit is scheduled to discuss family planning and to make sure the process of transition is normal. This schedule is flexible and would be adjusted according to the family's needs.

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