Childbirth Classes

Wendy Dean, Birth Zone


Birth Zone classes emphasize the simplicity of the process and the power of your body to do the work. The classes are fun and informative, taught by by Wendy Dean, beloved doula, childbirth educator, and parenting expert. 


A 7-week series is available for first-time parents and a 1/2 day refresher class for those giving birth again.


For more information, visit or email or call Wendy at (360) 836-4346



Nancy Allin’s Hypnosis for Birth


Nancy Allin, CHt is a mother, grandmother, clinical hypnotherapist, and birth doula. She had her daughter at home in 1977 with a midwife, her grandson was born at PSBC, and she has attended hundreds of births (the majority at home or birth center). She has taught Hypnosis for Birth for many years. You can find out if hypnosis is a good option for you by attending her free monthly introductory session, where she will go over the basics of Hypnosis for Birth, how it works in birth, specific situations that benefit from hypnosis, as well as answer your questions. For more information, call Nancy at 425-827-9498 or visit her website at


Classes for Dads and Siblings


Parent Trust offers parenting classes for fathers  and preparation classes for siblings along with many other offerings. For a full list, click here.


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