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Feel at home in our luxurious, private birth suites.

Experience the safe, respectful, family-centered care that comes
with an AABC accredited birth center.

Conveniently located within 5 minutes of Evergreen Hospital or Valley Medical Center

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At the tour, a midwife will guide you through our birth center and answer your questions.

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Experience first-hand the personalized care and attention from our staff of seasoned, licensed midwives on our team.

Get your questions answered about what it is like to receive the safe, respectful, family-centered care that comes with an AABC accredited birth center.

Options include a 15-minute phone consult or an in-person one hour visit with a midwife.


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  • (425) 823-1919
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  • (425) 823-7037
  • 13128 Totem Lk Blvd NE #101 Kirkland WA 98034
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  • (425) 207-8769
  • Renton@BirthCenter.com
  • (855) 225-9697
  • 4300 Talbot Rd S  #402 Renton WA 98055
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  1. Kirkland Birth Suite 3
  2. Kirkland Birth Suite 3
  3. Kirkland Family Room
  4. Kirkland Birth Suite 1
  5. Kirkland Birth Suite 1
  6. Kirkland Birth Suite 1
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  8. Kirkland Reception Area
  9. Kirkland Birth Suite 2
  10. Kirkland Birth Suite 2
  11. Kirkland Birth Suite 2
  12. Kirkland Birth Suite 2