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We provide the evidence. You make the decisions.


At Puget Sound Birth Center

get support for how you want to birth.


It is our experience that birth works when birthing parents are comfortable in their surroundings, are cared for by those attending them, and feel in control of decisions.


During your care during pregnancy, you’ll experience:

  • plenty of time to ask questions, discuss desires and expectations, and get to know each midwife and student on your team

  • visits in the comfort of the birth suites

  • individualized, culturally sensitive care

  • an assumption that pregnancy is a normal, healthy state

  • generous information and support

  • regular risk assessment, including monitoring blood pressure, hands-on belly checks and baby’s heartbeat checks at every visit


During your birth at Puget Sound Birth Center, you can expect:

  • respect for your decisions about your birth

  • patience with the pace of labor

  • monitoring of the birthing parent and baby, with the option to transfer care if needed

  • care from experts in normal birth


Every Puget Sound Birth Center family

chooses the comfort strategies that are right for their birth.


Options include:

  • Tools and props like birth balls and birth stools

  • Nitrous oxide

  • Water birth and labor

  • Suggestions and strategies from your experienced birth team


  1. Kirkland Birth Suite 3
  2. Kirkland Birth Suite 3
  3. Kirkland Family Room
  4. Kirkland Birth Suite 1
  5. Kirkland Birth Suite 1
  6. Kirkland Birth Suite 1
  7. Kirkland Entrance
  8. Kirkland Reception Area
  9. Kirkland Birth Suite 2
  10. Kirkland Birth Suite 2
  11. Kirkland Birth Suite 2
  12. Kirkland Birth Suite 2