Informed Consents

In midwifery care we provide an informational handout/informed choice document about each test and procedure that we offer to you and your baby, with a place at the bottom of the form where you can mark your preferences.  We encourage you to read and discuss each test or procedure before the visit where it is offered so that you have time to decide what choice is right for you and your baby.  Your midwives will provide you with a printed copy, discuss details, and answer any questions you have during your routine prenatal visits.

Prenatal Screening

Gestational Diabetes

Rh Negative Blood Type / RhoGAM

Group B Strep

Newborn Vitamin K

Newborn Eye Prophylaxis

Newborn Metabolic Screening Informational Handout

Newborn Congenital Heart Defect Screening Informational Handout

Newborn Hearing Screen Handout


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