Birth Center Tour

Tour the Kirkland Birth Center

Tour the Kirkland Birth Center

Puget Sound Birth Center Kirkland features three large, beautiful birthing suites furnished to create a comfortable, easy space to labor and welcome your baby.

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Renton Birth Center

Renton Birth Center

We're delighted to announce that the second Puget Sound Birth Center is now open for prenatal appointments and should receive state licensure for births within a month. It is located just across the street from Valley Medical Center at 4300 Talbot Rd S, #402, Renton WA 98055. The birth center is modeled after the successful Kirkland location, with three birth suites each beautifully furnished with comfortable full beds, couches, and birth tubs. We can't wait to give you a tour! 

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  1. Kirkland Birth Suite 3
  2. Kirkland Birth Suite 3
  3. Kirkland Family Room
  4. Kirkland Birth Suite 1
  5. Kirkland Birth Suite 1
  6. Kirkland Birth Suite 1
  7. Kirkland Entrance
  8. Kirkland Reception Area
  9. Kirkland Birth Suite 2
  10. Kirkland Birth Suite 2
  11. Kirkland Birth Suite 2
  12. Kirkland Birth Suite 2