Birth Center Tour

Tour the Kirkland Birth Center


Puget Sound Birth Center Kirkland features three large, beautiful birthing suites furnished to create a comfortable, easy space to labor and welcome your baby.


Each suite has a queen sized bed to allow enough room for mother, baby and partner to snuggle and bond after the birth.  A deep soaking tub for laboring and birthing in if you choose.  A sound system with in-wall speakers that is CD and iPod compatible to help create the ambiance you imagine for your birth.  As many different sounds as we have different people has pervaded the rooms over the years; from classical, jazz, hip hop, blues, Christian rock, devotional, new age, nature sounds, rock and roll and even the sound track to Star Wars!  Some of our clients listen to hypnobirthing CDs to help them relax through labor as well.  Soft lighting and candles enhances the relaxed and comfortable environment.  The goal is to create a home like space that you can feel safe in.  Research shows that this increases the productive hormones of labor allowing for a smoother, gentler birth experience.  Also within each room, tucked away out of sight but right within easy reach, is all the medication and equipment (including a birthing stool) that make for a safe out of hospital birth.


PSMBC has a child friendly waiting area with toys, books and DVD player; wifi, comfortable seating, and a small kitchenette.

  1. Kirkland Birth Suite 3
  2. Kirkland Birth Suite 3
  3. Kirkland Family Room
  4. Kirkland Birth Suite 1
  5. Kirkland Birth Suite 1
  6. Kirkland Birth Suite 1
  7. Kirkland Entrance
  8. Kirkland Reception Area
  9. Kirkland Birth Suite 2
  10. Kirkland Birth Suite 2
  11. Kirkland Birth Suite 2
  12. Kirkland Birth Suite 2