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How Can I Help

~ Puget Sound Birth Center, a garden well-tended ~

The roots of our vision are deep. We have spent years amending and now the surrounding soil is rich.

We have carefully nourished, pruned, and nurtured its growth. The fruits of our garden are superior and its yield increases each year serving our community beyond what is visible to many.

We have planted to our borders and cannot contain it any longer. We are ready for new beds, new seeds, new harvest...

...a feast to feed the families.

Have you a gardener's hands – perhaps a gardener's heart?
Volunteers Make Things Happen!

Here are just some of things you can do to help PSMBC

Library Maintenance  –  periodic upkeep of the birth center library including inventory, follow-up phone calls for returns and copying of educational videos.

Office Volunteer  –  assist office manager and/or midwife coordinator with data entry, compilation of educational and promotional materials. (Charts and Client Notebooks).

Mailing Volunteer  –  assistance with both email and snail mail bulk mailings.

Brochure, newsletter and flyer distribution  –  spread the word about PSMBC through periodic distribution of promotional and educational materials to area retailers, offices and community centers.

Professional Skills Trust  –  do you have professional skills you can donate to PSMBC? Register your skills and contact information with our Skills Trust. Skills needed include: desktop publishing, photography, fundraising, grantwriting, volunteer coordinating, graphic design, marketing, sewing, upholstering, painting, and handyman talents, to name only a few.

To volunteer, contact us at
or call 425-823-1919

Consider an in-kind donation

"Adopt a Supply"
Some of our families have chosen to help the birth center by providing monthly donations of necessary supplies. For example, one of our families now supplies the birth center with candles for each birth suite. You may choose to adopt a birth suite (perhaps the one where your baby was born) and supply white towels or white bed linens for that room. Your family may want to support the library and provide blank video tapes for recording educational videos or pick up books on Pregnancy, Childbirth or Parenting at Half Price Books, consignment stores or garage sales. We could use annual donations of 3-6 queen size, full cover, zippered plastic mattress covers for birth suite beds

Current List of Items Needed:

  • New, white bath and hand towels
  • New, white washcloths
  • New, white queen sized sheets
  • Queen size, full cover, zippered plastic mattress covers
  • Pregnancy, Childbirth, or Parenting books
  • Heavy duty filing cabinets (call for dimensions)
  • Software: Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Acrobat
  • Notebook PC capable of running Windows XP
  • Commercial washing machine and clothes dryer
  • Multipure water filter
  • Movies on DVD suitable for viewing in family room
  • Bed pillow

Add an item to your Costco shopping list
Other constantly used or single use supplies are needed in bulk and some families simply add our supply need to their monthly Costco run and drop them off at the birth center. Necessities include:

  • toilet paper and facial tissue
  • paper towels
  • baby wipes
  • bending straws
  • coffee/water cups
  • white hand towels and wash cloths
  • batteries: size D for flashlights
  • new, white, 1-inch 3-ring notebooks with view sleeve on front for client notebooks or recycle yours
  • powder or liquid unscented detergent and bleach
  • soft scrub sponges/handled cleaning brushes
  • reams of copy paper
  • tall kitchen trash bags


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