Postpartum Support

Lactation Support


Breastfeeding usually goes smoothly, especially with our breastfeeding-friendly approach to birth and the immediate postpartum period. However, even with the very best of starts there can sometimes be challenges. The PSBC midwives are experienced in first line breastfeeding support, but occasionally you and your baby need more specialist help.


Next door to the birth center in Kirkland, experienced lactation consultant and nurse midwife Kristina Chamberlain at Eastside Women's Health Center offers individual breastfeeding support. You can schedule an appointment for specific concerns by calling (425) 836-6846.


For more info:


Parent-Baby Groups


Parent-baby groups can make all the difference in your experience of early parenting. We hear all the time from clients who attended groups and made friendships there that are still going strong as they see their kids off to kindergarten and even college!


Wendy Dean runs invaluable parent-baby groups. The 0-3 month group is free, sponsored by us but open to all new parents, regardless of where they gave birth. 

  • 0-3 month group 
  • 3-6 month group
  • 6-12 month group
  • Toddler group
  • Extra-support group for those who are struggling with the transition to parenthood
  • Bringing Baby Home (based on the work of relationship expert John Gottman)
  • Back-to-work group, held on Sundays


For full details including schedule, location, and cost, please visit her website:


If Becoming a Parent is Harder than Expected...


Parenthood is depicted as joyous and bliss-filled. But it's not unusual for exhaustion and worry to wear parents down, especially at a time of tremendous hormonal shift. It's the perfect set up for depression and anxiety.


Postpartum Support International has been providing support to new and growing families for many years. Their website is a wealth of information. A couple of highlights:


Symptoms of Postpartum Mood Disorders:

Support Groups:



Listening Mothers


Listening Mothers has been supporting infants and their moms for well over 10 years. The program draws from brain science, attachment theory, and knowledge about emotional development to create a unique program that helps establish a strong foundation for a long lasting bond between children and their parents. The series lasts for 8 weeks. Learn more about the Listening Mothers program at: 

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