Support Staff

Micki Persons, Director

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I graduated from Central Washington University in 1998, with a BS in Community Health Education & Nutrition. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to serve communities of people. This passion for service brought me into the "birth world"! I was toying with the idea of going to back to school to become a nurse but, something just didn't feel right (going with my gut has never failed me). I witnessed my first unmedicated birth, then my first out of hospital birth in 2000 & I immediately knew that this was the community I was meant to serve! I became a birth assistant in 2002 and I instantly fell in love with helping families bring their newest addition into their lives. In 2004, my oldest daughter was born and I took a break from being on call. I took time to be a mom and become a Foster Parent.  In 2010, I was ready to come back to the birth community.  I was honored to be asked to join the midwives at Puget Sound Birth Center as a Birth Assistant (2010) and Clinic Director (2013).  I am at home here.  Right where I am supposed to be….serving midwives, student midwives and many, many families.  I am honored to have witnessed more than 350 babies enter this world, more than 350 beautiful families grow.  I am also blessed to be the mother of 3 beautiful girls and wife to a fantastic man.



Brittany Flem

Renton Office Manager


From where I sit, I can see how my whole life has twisted and woven together to prepare me for where I am now; at Puget Sound Birth Center. As a child, I always “helped” my mom manage her calendar and would calmly report from the backseat of the car when she had forgotten what time the doctor appointment was. My previous jobs have never veered far from the management and organizational track. I get overzealous with a label maker and a trip to The Container Store is a religious pilgrimage for me. And, of course, I love labor and babies!


When I walked into the birth center for the first time, I immediately felt the love from the midwives and staff, the gorgeous and soothing ambiance, and that intangible energy of new life. I thought “I’m home!” and now I never want to leave. I am so honored to be able to support our incredible midwives. Their loving care is inspiring and makes every day a great day at work.

The beautiful Pacific Northwest has always been my home and I love seeing new life begin here. I can’t wait to witness the day one of the babies born at Puget Sound Birth Center returns to have their baby here! That generational influence is strong in our midwives and care team and we look ahead to a future full of natural births.



Angela Ertel

Kirkland Office Manager


I was born and raised in Washington and live in Lynnwood with my husband and three kiddos, two of which were born with PSBC midwives. I've previously been a banker and baker (no candlestick maker yet) but birth work is by far my calling. I've worked as a doula for 6 years and work as a Birth Assistant for both Lake Washington and Eastside practices. I am thrilled to be working part-time now in the office and look forward to serving our lovely clients here at Puget Sound Birth Center.



Erin Elkins

Kirkland Receptionist


I began serving the clients of Puget Sound Birth Center in the spring of 2015 as a midwifery student from Bastyr University. My heart has been involved with birth work since my son's birth in 2001. Prior to midwifery school I worked as the office manager for a local print shop for over twelve years, in retail and stayed at home with my son for his first year. I enjoy simple things in life like getting the mail and spending time with my family. My husband and I enjoy making plans for the future and it is our goal to open a birth center in Yakima, WA in a few years. Working at Puget Sound Birth Center is an incredible opportunity I am blessed and thrilled to receive.


It is a significant honor to be invited to share in the transformation of pregnancy to parenthood through various lenses including partners, grandparents, siblings and friends... However, there is nothing like witnessing someone say "I did it" following giving birth; the expression represents acknowledgement of accomplishment, joy, strength, courage and resilience. It is a lasting memory and a foundation for childrearing. My hope is for all experiences of childbirth to be this empowering and I assert the shared-decision making of midwifery care is what makes that hope a reality.


As a part of this remarkable team, I treasure my interactions with you and desire to provide the best service I can to you. Know that you are beautiful inside and out; know that you are an inspiration to those in your life; know that you have support here.


To close, consider Mahatma Gandhi's words "If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change... A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do."



Liz Chalmers

PSBC Co-owner/back office

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I grew up in England, where midwives attend most deliveries, and homebirth is actively encouraged by the government. It never crossed my mind to work in the birth business. Instead, I earned a BSc in Electronics from the University of York and, newly married, moved to Redmond to work in the software industry. 


I first came to Puget Sound Birth Center when I was 34 weeks pregnant with my third baby, reeling from a cancer diagnosis and looking for more support than the hospital midwives could provide. The PSBC midwives held the space for me to powerfully birth my son a few weeks later, at the end of a year that had left me feeling diminished. The experience changed me profoundly.


Three years after my fourth child was born at home, attended by Valerie Sasson and Heike Hornsby, I apprenticed as a midwife at the birth center. I was privileged to attend 50 births that year. I loved it. My family did not. I made the choice to stop pursuing that dream, but I could not stay away from the birth center. I used my computer skills to support and improve use of technology. I used my love of numbers to focus on the dollars and cents of running a birth center. After embedding myself ever further into the business side, I was invited into the ownership team in 2013.


Although what I do is behind-the-scenes work, usually from home, you might catch me at the birth center fixing computers or wrangling paperwork. When I walk through the front door now, I often think of that first visit, when I was very pregnant and worried. That visit, and every subsequent one, left me feeling thoroughly heard and supported. Ensuring that quality of care remains an option in our community inspires me every day.

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