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We've always known that when we started our family our prenatal care and birth would be with PSBC Midwives.  Our entire experience was exceptional and very personal.  The midwife and student midwife teams are supportive, loving, informative and inspiring.

The day I went into labor Tracy was on call with Eve supporting her.  We arrived to the birth center to two beautiful smiling faces.  We instantly felt at ease and prepared for an incredible journey. 

After hours of pushing, Tracy and Eve informed me of what we sensed: our daughter was not making progress.  Something was preventing her from making her grand entrance and it was time to transfer to Evergreen Hospital.  That was one of the most challenging moments of our lives, but Tracy, Eve, and our Doula, Toni, made us feel incredibly safe and secure.  We knew with them by our side that our birth plan would be respected and I would deliver our daughter with as little intervention as possible. 

Tracy and Eve stayed with us until well after our daughter's birth.  They were by our side throughout the night and offered us insight when it was time to make medical decisions.  They advocated for us to the doctors and nurses and it was clear the staff at Evergreen hold the midwives in high regard.

Not giving birth at the Birth Center was very emotional for us.  It was not in our plan and we had to process the fact that we had a very unplanned, medicated, traumatic birth.  Tracy and Eve were there for us.  We hugged, we cried, we talked in person and on the phone.  They care about us and we care about them.  We are bonded for life.

One may be scared to give birth again if they experienced what we had, but we are not.  It is impossible to be scared when you have such an amazing team by your side.

Thank you from bottom of our hearts,

Published on by Liz Chalmers.

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