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I first heard about PSBC from a friend. My husband and I checked it out and did a small tour, we still had a few other hospitals and birth centers to check out in the area, but we decided that PSBC was the place for us so we cancelled our other appointments. From our first appointments to our last our midwives continued to be professional, caring, and loving. Every appointment we had went smoothly and wonderfully, the whole staff was always very sweet, we really felt like we were always taken care of! When my due date passed they did everything to help me induce labor naturally but sadly my son was stubborn and just wanted to be late, so I ended up being induced at a hospital. My midwives were helping us with every detail! After my son was born he started having seizures and he almost died. It was a very scary time! But my midwife would call me and check in with us all the time, always asking if we needed anything at all! It was such a blessing for our PSBC family to be there for us even though we were stuck in a hospital for a few weeks! I can never say enough amazing things about PSBC!! Thank you for always being there! If we ever decide to have another baby, it will definitely be at PSBC! You all are wonderful!!!

Love Erika, Eli, and Jonah 

Published on by Liz Chalmers.

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