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Families seeking to be truly respected in the birth process need look no further than Puget Sound Birth Center. I have delivered both my children there and am back, expecting my third. The midwives truly embody the difference between mere medical treatment and sincere clinical care. I felt cared for and supported throughout my pregnancies, and even an early miscarriage. When most doctors would not even see me for an appointment my PSBC midwife was available to me, comforted me, answered all my questions and gave me confidence in my body.

Many medical practices, across the entire healthcare field, are not as careful with your time as the Birth Center. I have never had to wait more than a half hour for my appointment, and when the unexpected has happened and my appointment cancelled, I received a phone call to reschedule well in advance of my driving to the birth center.

Most of all, I love that I can involve my older children in my appointments without it being an impediment during my visit. They are young (4 and 2) and their boisterous energy is not treated as an annoyance but a welcome part of building a family. My kids love to listen to the heartbeat and get caught up in the anticipation our whole family is feeling as we prepare to grow together.

The things a midwife will do for you and endure with you during labor are so different than any other approach to birth. My midwife helped me deliver standing up! Who else would let you do that? I felt I had a space to discover what felt best to me. However misguided my impulse, I was supported and, when appropriate, guided towards something that might work better. I see a midwife as functioning as that kind of guide. Throughout pregnancy, labor, and recovery, she serves as an experienced companion to ease you through the many transitions of such momentous change. The best kind of midwife doesn't usher you along, or merely lead expecting your compliance, but allow you to discover the direction you want to go and facilitate your success in every way she can.

My birth experiences began the foundation on which I have built my ability to be a mother. I use the seeds of confidence in my own abilities that were sown growing and delivering my babies to help me understand how to meet their many needs now, enduring the sometimes intense pains and many joys that come with the job. I credit my experience with Puget Sound Birth Center with setting my feet on that path. Their dedication to my family is a gift that continues to empower me.

Seems I wrote a small novel, even though it feels like I have so much more to say! I hope a sentence or two in there end up being useful somehow.

Nothin' but love!
Mary Rudd

Published on by Liz Chalmers.

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