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Sandi and Sam

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I first sought care from an OB at a Hospital.  I then decided to change to hospital midwife care.  I finally felt at home when I landed at Puget Sound Birth Center, like a weight had been lifted.  I learned about how safe it can be to give birth outside of the hospital.   Every staff member was extremely professional, competent, and compassionate.  I never felt like they were “too busy” for my questions or to simply sit and talk. My birth experience at Puget Sound Birth Center was the most moving experience of my life.  I don’t think I would have felt as empowered and genuinely cared for anywhere else.

Sandi Elder, Kirkland, WA

My wife and I had an excellent experience at Puget Sound Birth Center. The prenatal care focused on making us feel comfortable about pregnancy and prepared for the birth.  The midwives checked to make sure that everything was proceeding normally and reassured us about what was going right instead of scaring us about what could go wrong. The visits were relaxed and made us less stressed.  My wife and I enjoyed one of the most powerful experiences of our lives in an atmosphere of caring and support.  My wife and I decided that I would be her labor coach. They encouraged me in whatever role I wanted to have and I never felt cast aside.  I have wonderful memories of that day thanks to the efforts of all of the staff. They facilitated a safe and natural birth.  I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an alternative to hospital births.

Sam Elder, Kirkland, WA

Published on by Liz Chalmers.

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