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My husband and I were interested in natural childbirth before we even were pregnant, but had our reservations. When I found out that consultations were possible, I immediately made an appointment to ask questions and see if an out of hospital birth experience was right for us (and, I think I was secretly looking for confirmation that I was ready to start actively trying to become pregnant). We met with Valerie, and were instantly sold! She was so warm and loving, and made us feel like we were already great parents just for researching our options before becoming pregnant. We left with a handful of pregnancy tests and her saying, "go have fun making a baby, hope we see you soon!". We were back in a month, and our entire experience with the birth center from then until now has been nothing short of AMAZING! Our midwives were all so wonderful. I felt valued and listened to at every appointment. More than anything, my husband and I both felt so much love. The day that my son was born could not have been more perfect.  The student was my angel that day, knowing when I needed to change positions, needed water, wanted someone to leave me alone (yes, this does happen!). My midwife and the student both helped us into our car to head out for home with our brand new bundle and my midwife kissed me on the forehead, telling me that I had done a great job. I refer everyone and anyone that will listen to check out the Birth Center. Every woman deserves the kind of care I received during my pregnancy. The midwives forever changed my life, making me feel more powerful, strong, and feminine than I ever thought I could feel. Thank you, so much, for everything that you have given me and my small, beautiful family. We love you guys!

Sarah, Zach, and Carter (8 months)

Published on by Liz Chalmers.

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