Our Clients Share Their Experiences

Dawn, Eric, and Baby Luke

Our experience at the Puget Sound Birth Center was just simply amazing. From our very first appointment at 22 weeks, we were immediately convinced that this was where we were meant to have our baby.  Our midwives' knowledge, comforting personalities, and ease make you feel so comfortable asking any and every question. That was just what my husband and I needed.

Your midwives and students continued to overexceed our expectations.  No question ever got left unanswered and we were always informed of decisions to make with plenty of time to feel comfortable picking the choice that felt right for us.  

I'm not sure we can even put into words how amazing our birth was.  We went in to the birth center during active labor on the evening of Jan 28th and labored through the night until 3:32am on January 29th when our son Luke was born via water (just what we hoped for). The midwife and students were such an incredible team (along with my hubbie!) There were moments throughout my labor where each one of them said the right thing at the exact right moment. Their words just clicked with me at the right moment and helped me through many very painful contractions and pushes. At the same time I felt completely comfortable letting my body take the time it needed to have a natural child birth. Their patience and bedside manner allowed for the most beautiful memory of our son's birth. We cannot thank all of the front desk staff, midwives, and student assistants at Puget Sound Birth Center enough for this incredible and unforgettable experience. It was truly perfect. You are all amazing!

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