Profile: Valerie Sasson, CPM, LM

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Originally from New Jersey and a graduate of Brown University ('86), I relocated to Seattle in 1989 to attend the Seattle Midwifery School and have since made the Puget Sound my home. My husband, Gary May, and I have two daughters, Camille and Olivia, both born at home with midwives and our families in attendance.

The word "sovereignty" is the best descriptor I have found for what I wanted as a pregnant and birthing woman: freedom to be my own authority. I believe that as women, as families, we have a right to the quantity and quality of information that enables sovereignty for each of us. In any setting, this is what we deserve. This is the standard of care we are committed to providing for each and every one of the families in our care. More than a medical event, we facilitate the opportunity to experience birth as what it is: a life-changing event worthy of whole presence and participation – body, mind, heart and soul.

I was tremendously fortunate to have joined the Puget Sound Birth Center, in 1999, as the practice partner of PSBC founder, LeeAnne Shelley. Following LeeAnne's retirement I am very pleased to be in practice with my dear friend and colleague, Ali Tromblay, LM. We are committed to the Midwifery Model of Care – informed choice, risk management, evidence based care and continuity of relationship – that makes modern professional midwifery safe and satisfying.

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