Considering Waterbirth?


Waterbirth at Puget Sound Birth Center


Take advantage of the comfort and relaxation that immersion in warm water offers during labor and birth.


Puget Sound Birth Center offers deep, spacious tubs chosen specifically for our spa-like birthing rooms. Many PSBC families opt to labor in the tub, while others choose to birth in the water as well.


Sharing Your Vision For Your Birth


While many families express an interest in water birth, some find that guidelines of other facilities or provider hesitation limits their options. At Puget Sound Birth Center, your midwife is up-to-date on the current guidelines around water birth. As with all decisions about your pregnancy, she will share with you the evidence and support your vision of your labor and birth.


Why Families Choose Waterbirth


Research shows that laboring and birthing in warm water is safe and provides many benefits:

  • Reduced need for pain management

  • Increased mobility

  • Decreased number of severe perineal injuries

  • Lower stress, resulting in faster labors

  • Improved satisfaction with birth


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