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I work closely with my fabulous, skilled team of midwives to provide family-centered care by helping to ensure optimal health for a mother and her child, encouraging a trust in the process of birth and helping to ease this joyful transition for families.

~ Heike Hornsby

I believe that as women, as families, we have a right to the quantity and quality of information that enables sovereignty for each of us. In any setting, this is what we deserve. This is the standard of care we are committed to providing for each and every one of the families in our care. More than a medical event, we facilitate the opportunity to experience birth as what it is: a life-changing event worthy of whole presence and participation – body, mind, heart and soul.

~ Valerie Sasson

I am always learning from this work that I love and the people I meet in it, and always I am humbled by the power that women possess and the wisdom in the eyes of the newborns.


~ Ali Tromblay

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As I write this note to you, with my beautiful 5-month-old boy staring up at me, I am so grateful for my family's experience when he came into the world. My labor was quick (very quick!) and I delivered him only minutes after arriving at the birth center, over 3 weeks before his due date. Every part of the experience - from the relaxed, helpful prenatal visits, to the positive, happy birth environment - was perfect. 

~ Amy, Paul, Kaleo, and Kai

On a beautiful, sun-filled morning, with the help of an amazing birth team, our third child, Mylo Maxwell was born.

~ Angela, Jonathan, and Baby Mylo

No question ever got left unanswered and we were always informed of decisions to make with plenty of time to feel comfortable picking the choice that felt right for us.  

~ Dawn, Eric, and Baby Luke

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