Prenatal Care

All of the midwives at the Puget Sound Birth Center are licensed in Washington State to provide supportive and comprehensive prenatal care to low risk women planning to give birth at the birth center or at home. Licensed Midwives are independent healthcare providers and consult or refer clients to hospital-based care as needed.  


It is our pleasure to care for expectant women of all ages, cultures, religions and family structures. 


You can expect

  • plenty of time to ask questions, discuss desires and expectations, and get to know each midwife and student on your team

  • visits in the comfort of the birth suites

  • individualized, culturally sensitive care

  • an assumption that pregnancy is a normal, healthy state

  • generous information and support

  • an expectation that you will participate in all decisions regarding your care

  • regular risk assessment, including monitoring blood pressure, hands-on belly checks and baby’s heartbeat checks at every visit

  • routine blood tests done during prenatal visits

  • referrals for ultrasound and consultation to our community partners as needed

  • online access to your medical records, including chart notes and test results

  • your midwives on-call and available to you “24/7/365”

General frequency of visits 

  • start care as early in pregnancy as you like

  • monthly until approximately 28 weeks

  • every two weeks until approximately 36 weeks

  • weekly until 41 weeks

  • every few days through 42 weeks

  • more frequent visits are available at any time for any reason

When your baby is due

  • your due date at 40 weeks is really more of a due “zone”

  • you may give birth at PSBC anytime from 37 weeks up to 42 weeks

  • first time moms often give birth closer to 41 weeks

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